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To become a judge, one should:

  1. Have some experience working at tournaments.
  2. Get in contact with other judges for help and mentoring.
  3. Learn the rules, policy, and procedures.
  4. Find any Level 2 or higher judge to administer your Level 1 certification test.

You can find more helpful tools and information to get started on the Magic Judge Wiki.

Judges help facilitate Magic events and act as neutral arbiters of the game. They ensure that the game is fair, friendly, and fun for all players involved in an event.

At store level, judges ensure events are run correctly and fairly for all players. They help players of all skill levels, give advice, and build communities. For more information, please see the Magic Judge Wiki.

Magic judges provide value for your events. Discuss this matter with your judge at the time you request their help with your event.

FNM can be run in any format.

WPN locations of Core level and above are eligible to run FNM.

A child under the age of the 13 will need a parent's permission to create an account and receive a DCI number. You may issue a child a generic DCI card and instruct him or her to create an account, with a parent present, at a later time.

Yes. Issue the player a generic DCI card. When you enroll a player in an event in WER, enter the number of the DCI card along with their first and last name. Then hand the card to the player and encourage him or her to follow the link on the card to create an Organized Play Account at a later time.

Once a player creates an Organized Play Account, they can claim the DCI number as their own. The first time a player claims a generic DCI card, they will be awarded 5 lifetime Planeswalker Points.

If a player has a mobile device, tell him or her to go to and follow the instructions. The player will automatically get a DCI number when they create an account. Signing up should take less than a minute.

While the old cards will work, the new cards will be easier for you to use. If you must issue players the old DCI cards, simply instruct players to create an Organized Play Account and claim their DCI number online at as soon as they can. You should then dispose of, or recycle, the rest of the old cards. DO NOT fill out the player's personal information on the top of the card.


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