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What Is It?

The path of competitive Magic begins in stores at Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers and ends at the Pro Tour. In between are Regional Pro Tour Qualifier (RPTQs).

Four times a year, Wizards of the Coast selects 32 WPN stores worldwide to host an RPTQ, where the top four finishers at each event earn a berth on the Pro Tour.

RPTQs are invite-only events, run at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level under the supervision of a level 3 or higher judge. They're Swiss-style tournaments with a single-elimination playoff for the top 8 finishers.

Wizards of the Coast provides exclusive foil promo cards for the participants.

How Does My Store Get Selected?

Selected stores will be high-capacity Advanced Plus locations in large population centers.

Selected stores will also be willing and able to run a large, free event, as well as sign and honor an Event Organizer Agreement.

How Many Judges Should I Have at My RPTQ?

Selected stores must have an L3 judge act as their head judge. They will then work with that judge on additional judge staffing needs.

Best Practices

1. Run your event efficiently. Punctual start times, minimal waits between rounds, total event length—these are always important, but they're especially important at an RPTQ.

2. Stream the event live. Use a service like OBS so players can check in on their community's representative!

3. Use the event to mentor judges. RPTQs are the highest level of in-store play, which makes them a great opportunity for judges to build experience.

4. Remember: you can't charge an entry fee.. RPTQs are free to the invited players (no entry fee). Please keep this in mind if you're invited to host one.

5. Use social media to highlight your event's winners and decks. Get permission from your winners to show off their achievements online!


Consult these documents for detailed rules.

Search Rules and Documents.
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