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What Is It?

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers (PPTQs) begin a player's climb from in-store play to the peak of competitive Magic at the Pro Tour.

Once per season (with four seasons a year) participating Advanced level and above stores run a Swiss-style event at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level, under the supervision of a level 2 or higher judge. PPTQs are run as either Sealed Deck or the same format as the Pro Tour they lead to.

The winner of the PPTQ earns an invite to a Regional PTQ. Top finishers at the Regional PTQ earn a berth on the Pro Tour.

Schedule a PPTQ in Wizards Event Reporter!

What Formats Can Be Run?

PPTQs can be run as either Sealed Deck or the same format at the Pro Tour it leads to. Consult the specific PPTQ event page or Wizards Event Reporter for specific information.

How Many Events Can Be Run?

Advanced and above stores can run one PPTQ per season. There are four seasons per year.

Best Practices

1. Book your judge(s) before scheduling the event. Get in touch with a judge at least four weeks out. Consult the chart below for our recommendations on how many judges you'll need, based on expected attendance.

Players expected Total Judges L3s L2s L1
200+ 6 1 2 3
160-199 5 1 1 3
120-159 4 1 1 2
64-119 3 0 1 2
33-63 2 0 1 1
Less than 33 1 0 1 0

2. Stream Pro Tour coverage. Build excitement for your event by streaming Pro Tour coverage at

3. Connect your prize support to the Regional PTQ. Consider offering travel accommodations or store-branded materials so they can represent your store at the event.

4. Coordinate with area stores. A player can't be in two PPTQs at once. Reach out to area stores and coordinate schedules to maximize opportunities for your players.

5. Print table numbers and deck checklists. Download table numbers here and deck checklists here.

6. Seating = Your Expectation + 25%. Deckbuilding takes up a fair amount of space, so if your PPTQ is a Sealed event, allocate more space per player than you would for a Constructed event.

7. Use our free marketing materials to advertise. Get free, easy-to-use images for flyers, posters, social media, and more here on our site.


Consult these documents for detailed rules.

Search Rules and Documents.
Title Category/Type Updated Download
Magic: The Gathering Judging at Regular REL Rules/List 01/21/19
Magic Event Appeals Policy Rules/List 10/24/17
Deck Registration Sheet Rules/List 07/30/15