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What Is It?

Magic League is a fun, on-demand Magic play experience aimed at all skill levels.

It's easy to jump in and play, making Magic League a great entry point for new players while still appealing to veteran players thanks to its flexible and fast play structure.

WPN stores of Gateway level and above can sign up through Wizards Event Reporter to receive promo cards to support your league.

How Should I Run It?

1. Run the league over four successive weeks. The start date is the Monday after the release of a new set

2. Issue three booster packs to each participant. Entry fee is up to you. .

3. Instruct players to build a minimum 30-card deck from their three boosters and play as many matches as they like. There are two special rules: matches should be just one game, and each player may take one free mulligan per match.

4. Allow players to add an additional booster to their pools each week and after every three losses.. Participants can play as many matches as they want. Additionally, there are no structured pairings. They can play whenever they want and against anyone in the league.

5. Schedule your league in Wizards Event Reporter and report it weekly. When you sign up, WER will ask you to schedule a day for your Magic League. Select any day (excluding Friday) that works best for attracting casual Magic players in your store, and use this as a designated time to supply additional booster packs each week. Feel free to encourage Magic League play outside of your dedicated "League night" as well, including at Friday Night Magic. Games play fast, so they're great in between rounds of your other events.

6. Issue promos to avid participants. Reward players who have 10+ matches played with a Magic League promo card.

You can schedule your League in Wizards Event Reporter at the same time you would for Prerelease and other set-related events.

Best Practices

1. Advertise a dedicated "Magic League Night." Help capture League play in your store by providing a convenient way for players to find other League participants. And use this as a designated time to issue additional booster packs each week.

2. Steer new players toward Magic League. Low barrier to entry, quick matches, rewards for actions other than winning, enabling players to choose their opponents, and no structured rounds or tournament all lend to friendly, constructive play—making Magic League a great training ground for newer players.

3. Allow "catch-up." If a player joins the league late, let them add any booster packs they may have missed from previous weeks.

4. Offer a variety of rewards. You can download and print unique award certificates from the marketing materials page under event accessories.

5. Encourage casual, friendly play. Foster a welcoming environment by encouraging players to offer friendly assistance to those who aren't as comfortable building decks and playing in a limited format.

6. Tie Magic League into the current set's themes. Add an extra layer of engagement by weaving in the current set's themes into the league experience. This helps keep the league experience fresh from set to set, leading your players back for more.


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