How do I get an Organized Play Account?

If you do not have a DCI number:

1. Go to and click "Create an Account" and follow the steps to set up your account.

If you already have a DCI number:

1. Go to and click "Log In." (Not "Create an Account.")

2. Enter your DCI number and password. (Don't use your email address!).

3. On the next screen, complete your account information. Your Login ID is what you'll use to log into WER going forward.

How do I enroll players who don't have DCI numbers?

Direct them to to create a DCI account using a PC or smartphone.

If they can't get online, or they're under 13 years old, issue a temporary DCI card and use the number on that card to enter them into WER. They can activate their DCI account online at a later time.

How should a player under 13 create an Organized Play Account?

A child under the age of the 13 will need a parent's permission to create an account and receive a DCI number. You may issue a child a generic DCI card and instruct him or her to create an account, with a parent present, at a later time.

If a player can’t sign up for an Organized Play Account, can they still participate in an event?

Yes. Issue the player a generic DCI card. When you enroll a player in an event in WER, enter the number of the DCI card along with their first and last name. Then hand the card to the player and encourage him or her to follow the link on the card to create an Organized Play Account at a later time.

Once a player creates an Organized Play Account, they can claim the DCI number as their own. The first time a player claims a generic DCI card, they will be awarded 5 lifetime Planeswalker Points.

How should a player sign up for a DCI account? How long does it take?

If a player has a mobile device, tell him or her to go to and follow the instructions. The player will automatically get a DCI number when they create an account. Signing up should take less than a minute.

Can I still use my old DCI cards?

While the old cards will work, the new cards will be easier for you to use. If you must issue players the old DCI cards, simply instruct players to create an Organized Play Account and claim their DCI number online at as soon as they can. You should then dispose of, or recycle, the rest of the old cards. DO NOT fill out the player's personal information on the top of the card.

How do retailers receive the new generic DCI cards?

We will send each WPN location a shipment of new DCI cards within a few weeks. Once you receive your new DCI cards, please dispose of your old cards. If you need more generic DCI cards, select the "Membership Card" option from the Everyday Events and Materials section in WER.

What kind of devices can players use to get a DCI number online?

Players can use any device with Internet access. Players must be able to access their email accounts and follow the instructions provided in order to complete their account activation. Players have seven days to respond to the email confirmation that will activate their account.

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