WPN Orientation: New Player Path

April 19, 2018 | 3 min to read

New players are the lifeblood of a successful WPN store. Consider how you'll acquire new players consistently, how you'll help them learn the game, and how you'll encourage them to come back for more.

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Create a Welcoming Culture

Acquiring new players starts with building a welcoming culture. Watch this video for some simple best practices to create an environment that will help draw in new players to your store.

Leverage Existing Customers

Many WPN retailers consider "word-of-mouth" marketing an integral part of their marketing strategy. But word-of-mouth marketing is not effective without a structure to support it.

Generate new contacts by implementing a Bring-a-Friend program to reward your regulars for inviting new players to your business.

You can also download and customize flyers, available on the marketing materials page, to advertise your Magic events and products to customers who purchase your other game products.

For more information on referral programs:

Learn how to draw new customers using the very best resource you have: your existing customers (by Dave Tellier of Wizard's Tower).

Find out why customers earned through refer-a-friend initiatives are more loyal, cheaper to acquire, and 16% more valuable on average.

Have a regular, new player friendly event on your calendar, and make sure to invite every potential new player to attend. This follow-up helps build up retention, offering a new player clear steps to improve their skills and participate in your organized play.

Run a Magic League

League events are a great first event for new players, a fun, on-demand play experience aimed at all skill levels. Having a sealed Magic League helps new players jump into the community quickly and start playing Magic right away.

For more ideas on making your League successful:

Read five best practices to get started.

Discover how one store made league a success.

Learn how to maintain player momentum once your league gets going.

Promote Standard Products and Formats

Make your new player events Standard-friendly. Standard, as well as Draft and Sealed, present the lowest barrier to entry if players have a small collection or no collection at all.

What should they buy first? When a new player is just getting into the game, you'll want to help them play quickly and move into your events with few obstacles.

Planeswalker Decks are the perfect first purchase, allowing the player to get started right out of the box, and the two booster packs give them an opportunity to customize their experience.

Deckbuilder's Toolkits are a great second level purchase, jumpstarting the player's collection and introducing them to the concept of deckbuilding.

Here's what the ideal purchasing path looks like.

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