WPN Orientation: Introduction to WPN Resources

April 19, 2018 | 2 min to read

Welcome to the Wizards Play Network!

For the next four weeks, a WPN Retail Development representative will coach you through the basics of the WPN. To help you prepare, you'll receive a link containing required reading in advance of each week's call.


Get ready for your conversation:

  1. Read this article
  2. Watch "How to Schedule Events in WER"
  3. Watch "How to Run Events in WER"
  4. Join the WPN Facebook Group

Get to Know the Wizards Event Reporter

Wizards Event Reporter (WER) is the tool you'll use to schedule, run, and report your events. Before your first conversation with the Retail Development team, watch these videos to familiarize yourself with WER.

How to Schedule Events in WER

How to Run Events in WER

Sign Up New Players for DCI Numbers and Organized Play Accounts

As soon as possible, order a supply of generic DCI cards through WER. Select the button on the very bottom of the "Everyday Events and Materials" list to request your free supply.

Players need a DCI number to participate in events and these cards will enable you to register new players in WER.

After the event, players must set up their DCI profile at accounts.wizards.com as soon as they can.

Walk new players through the Organized Play Account sign-up process, using our downloadable flyers as a guide.

Schedule Both Casual Events and Tournaments

Casual events can encompass any type of Magic play from demonstrations to large free-form events. For a Casual event, you have near total freedom. There is exactly one requirement: it must have 2 players.

Be sure to report all casual play in your store, because all events, no matter how small, help you advance in the WPN.

Magic Tournaments are what many players expect when they think of an in-store event. You'll want to have plenty on your calendar. A tournament requires a minimum of 8 players and 3 rounds.

As a Gateway store, you'll need to schedule these tournaments at least one week out. If less than eight players show up, don't turn your players away. Just cancel the event and run a Casual event instead.

For detailed Magic Tournament Rules, visit the Rules and Documents section of our website.

Get More Information

If you have a question about the WPN, first try our FAQs.

Join our Facebook group (open only to WPN members) to get real-time answers and advice from other retailers in the WPN.

For product details, event information, and tips from other successful WPN members, visit the WPN site each week. You'll find downloadable marketing materials as well.

And of course, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly via email (log in using your Organized Play Account) or phone.

Retail Support (North America): 1-800-564-1636

Customer Support (for questions from players): 1-800-324-6496

What's Next?

You should expect a call from a Retail Development representative within the next week to begin your WPN Orientation. Please watch the videos in this article and come prepared with any questions about what you've read here.

We look forward to talking to you soon!