Onboarding: Introduction to the WPN

April 19, 2018 | 6 min to read

Congratulations, and welcome to the Wizards Play Network!

If you’re new to the WPN, there’s a lot to learn. This article is to help get you started and give you an overview of the resources available to you. This information will also come in handy when training your staff on WPN policies and tools.

This article will cover the following topics:

  1. Wizards Event Reporter
  2. Organized Play Accounts
  3. Event Types
  4. Your WPN Account
  5. WPN Resources

Wizards Event Reporter

Wizards Event Reporter (WER) is the tool you'll use to schedule, run, and report your events. Watch these short videos to familiarize yourself with how to manage WPN events.

Video: How to Schedule Events in WER

Video: How to Run Events in WER

Learn more best practices and get your WER questions answered here.

Register Players with Organized Play Accounts

Players need a DCI number (or Organized Play Account) to participate in your events. There are two ways to register a player:

Register Online

A new player can go to Accounts.Wizards.com and select “Create Account.” This account comes with a DCI number, which you can use to enroll them in events.

Players with older DCI numbers should still try to activate those numbers if they haven’t already. If they need help locating their activation code, they can contact Customer Support. (LINK)

TIP: It is generally better to register players online instead of in-person. This helps prevent players from losing their account.

Register In-Person

WPN members can order physical DCI membership cards through Wizards Event Reporter. Select the Membership Card button on the bottom of the "Everyday Events and Materials" list to request your free supply. These cards enable you to register new players in your events.

When you enroll a player in one of your events with one of these cards, you start their event record on their personal profile. For a player to access their event information and create a username, they will first need to activate their DCI profile at Accounts.Wizards.com.

Walk new players through the Organized Play Account sign-up process using our downloadable flyers as a guide. Download them here.

Know Your Event Types

Casual Events can encompass any type of Magic play from demonstrations to large free-form events. For a Casual event, there is exactly one requirement: it must have at least two players.

TIP: Be sure to report all casual play in your store, because all events, no matter how small, help you advance in the WPN.

Magic Tournaments are what many players expect when they think of an in-store event. You'll want to have plenty on your calendar. A tournament requires a minimum of eight players and three rounds.

TIP: If less than eight players show up, don't turn your players away. Just cancel the Tournament event and run a Casual event instead.

For detailed Magic Tournament Rules, visit the Rules and Documents section of our website here.

Your WPN Account

You can manage the details of your store’s WPN account with a few simple steps.

Store and Event Locator

Check out your store’s profile on our Store & Event Locator here by searching for your city.

You can find your store’s information (like store contact information and future events) stored here. If any of it seems incorrect, contact Retail Support.

Updating Your Information

Selling your store or buying a WPN member store from someone? Moving the business? Need to change your store’s name, email, or phone number? Use our Update Information form here and a WPN Retail Support representative will help you update the details.

Adding Event Locations

Hosting an event at a nearby public venue like a college, convention center, or hotel? We can help you add this venue to your list of approved play locations and have the event advertised on the Store & Event Locator. Use our Add Event Location form here at least two weeks before the event.

Your Wizards Event Reporter Credentials

Your login credentials are based on your personal Organized Play Account. Do not share your login information with other users. If you have additional employees or users, have them added to your WPN profile as an Event Organizer here.

Managing Event Organizers

An Event Organizer is an employee who is authorized to log in to Wizards Event Reporter on a WPN account. Event Organizers are also authorized to speak with the Wizards of the Coast retail team on the owner’s behalf.

If you are the one who set up your WPN account, you are automatically added as an Event Organizer for your store. If you would like to Add or Remove organizers, please contact Retail Support.

Store Level

Your store’s level is based on all the events you have reported in the last twelve months. You can always check with Retail Support to see what level you’ve earned so far.

Learn more about your WPN benefits and levels here.


Contact Us

  1. Email: https://wizards.custhelp.com/app/ask
  2. Phone —Retail Support: 1-800-564-1636
  3. Monday to Friday, 9-5 Pacific / 12-8 Eastern
  4. Phone —Customer Support: 1-800-324-6496
  5. WPN Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wizardsplaynetwork

Need more help? Contact Retail Support for additional training and information.